Theft of Heating Oil

It’s not all that often that stories from across the pond reach the desk of Find a Fuel Supplier Towers but this story caught our eye as it could easily happen here.

A man in Long Island, USA, was caught stealing heating oil from the tanks of repossessed / foreclosed homes in the little hamlet of Mastic in Suffolk County.

Robert Bailey had kitted out a truck with what amounted to a siphoning system and was breaking into the tanks of the empty homes and relieving them of their oil. When police officers opened the back of his truck, his mobile tank contained 1200 US Gallons of heating oil (that’s 4,500 litres!)

He was caught when a local town employee got suspicious whilst talking to him outside one of the target properties. The town has filed charges including the illegal transportation of oil and not having the requisite hazmat signs. It’s unclear whether he’ll face theft charges.

We raise this particular case to remind readers to secure their oil tanks as best they can and to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. We live in tough economic times and stealing a thousand litres of heating oil is a big prize for criminals although how they would plan to sell their ill-gotten gains is another matter!