The Availability of Kerosene and Alternatives For Boilers

For those of us with oil fired boilers or furnaces, the availability of kerosene, also known as paraffin, becomes a prominent issue with the approach of winter. It makes sense at this time of year to follow up with kerosene suppliers to determine current kerosene prices, supply and delivery schedules.

 Kerosene Availability

The good news is that there are currently a plethora of suppliers available to choose from when looking for a new vendor or comparison shopping. However, there are some important caveats to keep in mind when looking for kerosene suppliers.

We will start by looking for good kerosene prices to qualify as a viable supplier. Keep in mind that pricing changes constantly due to crude oil price changes, as well as other factors. Sometimes, it makes more sense to see if a guaranteed pricing program for the entire season is offered. This would help avoid significant fluctuations in price and aid in budgeting for heating costs.

Next, we want to have great service, which means on time delivery and having delivery available on an emergency basis, should the need arise. If convenience is important, ask suppliers if they have regularly scheduled top-off programs that can be set up to avoid running out of oil or having to track it.

Ask if the supplier provides boiler maintenance and if so, is a service contract available to avoid breakdowns. A poorly operating boiler can cost over 10% more in fuel and over time, it will become a fire hazard.

 Alternatives to Kerosene

While supplies appear to be sufficient at this time, kerosene fuel can run short for a varieties of reasons. Just a few of the many potential interruptions to supply are further impacts from the Gulf of Mexico oil drilling suspension, escalating of political conflicts in the middle east and domestic fuel oil driver strikes.

One alternative would be red diesel fuel, but it is subject to many of the same issues. Although, many people think they are the same thing, and they are very close, typically there is a difference in the amount of sulfur allowed to be in the fuel. Most boilers have no difficulty burning either fuel without having to modify the boiler.

With so many questions about the supply of kerosene fuel, it is always a good idea to be proactive and start setting up a kerosene supplier now, for the coming season.

 Kerosene Management Plan

Setting up a fuel management plan this summer can also help you or your company save huge amounts of money. You and your supplier will agree on terms for a fixed price on fuel over along period. This will allow your fuel supplier to buy the fuel in bulk quantities from a terminal at a cheaper price.

Without setting up a fuel management plan you can be subject to erratic changes in fuel prices as the price of oil constantly fluctuates. There are many fuel oil suppliers around the UK who offer these kinds of management plans discussed. Therefore dont miss out and get yourself signed up today.

Author: David Khan

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