Signing up Heating Oil Suppliers

Cheapest heating oil suppliersIn today’s post I thought I’d bring you up to speed on what is happening here at Find a Fuel Supplier. As you will have noticed when looking around the site, Find a Fuel Supplier aims to offer something quite different to the fuel buying market.

Instead of taking a commission from fuel suppliers on any sale made, we aim to remain completely independent to the transaction and can therefore offer complete transparency on any deal. Many of the other fuel comparison sites take a cut on any transaction made and we think this blurs the line between acting in the consumer’s best interests and helping suppliers offer the very best deals for buyers out there.

In essence, FAFS is a marketplace where suppliers can post their best prices as often as they like, and where consumers can search for different volumes, of different fuels, in different parts of the country.

So, what stage are we at? FAFS is currently actively engaged in signing up new suppliers to the site. It’s completely free to list your prices here right now. The comparison engine is complete (adding new functionality daily) and we’ll soon be rolling out exciting new stuff!


If you are a supplier, or know a supplier who would benefit from being on the site and reaching oodles of customers – please email and we’ll get things sorted out pronto!