Red Diesel Theft in Rural Areas

There’s an interesting article in Farmer’s Guardian this week about rural crime in Lancashire and, in particular, the theft of red diesel.

PC Ivan Leivers explained to Farmer’s Guardian reporter Olivia Midgley about farm thefts and how diesel is high on criminals’ lists. Quoting the piece and PC Leivers:

“Farm thefts require fairly low intelligence and don’t need a great deal of planning. It’s usually a case of them driving round to see what looks good, and then they think they will chance their arm.”
He explained diesel is high on thieves’ hit lists.

“Gangs will creep across fields and attack farms,” said PC Leivers. “They stab the tank and put a drum underneath.

“They’ve become wise to syphoning off diesel because they know if they get stopped by police with a tube and a container, they can be charged with going equipped for theft. If they take along a screwdriver, they know it’s less likely.

“There is a strong black market for red diesel, so it is worth it for the thieves, but for farmers it means the vehicle is out of action until it gets repaired.”