Red Diesel Price Per Litre

With ever changing red diesel prices it maybe that you are paying more for your red diesel at price per litre than you may be aware of. Alternatively you may be using regular diesel over red diesel which works out a lot more costly as regular diesel is subject to taxation. If you are in sectors such as manufacturing, industrial and agricultural you are allowed to use red diesel fuel in comparison to road vehicles which have to use regular diesel which has to be taxed. The significant different between the two fuels and the reason for taxation is the government whom levies tax to pay for road builds and repairs and bridge construction and repairs. Therefore, you need to understand whether you are using the right type of fuel in your industry and if so what is the rock bottom price per litre of red diesel.

How Much Is Red Diesel

The average price of red diesel across 2012 has been 47.5p per litre. Typically a standard sized bulldozer and tractor used constantly over an hour’s period using fuel at a rate of 39 litres per hour would cost around £18 GBP. Calculating the usage over an 8 hour day this equates to £144 GBP. So taking this into account either if you are using the wrong fuel or you are paying more than you should be at pence per litre of red diesel then you should speak to your local fuel supplier as your business or family is been over charged.

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Author: David Khan

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