Lack of Trust in price comparison sites

Find a Fuel Supplier is, in essence, a price comparison site. It is our aim to connect buyers with suppliers so that they get the best deal on their heating oil, or red diesel, or peat briquettes. Today, the BBC web site posted an interesting article about consumers lack of trust in some comparison sites. Indeed, one consumer group has made calls for price comparison sites to be regulated, and that is something that this site would support fully.

To us – transparency is the most important thing – we take no cut of any sale from a supplier, and we charge no consumer for any purchase – we are simply a fully independent third party site that provides information. Recent investigations into certain more ‘roguish’ fuel comparison sites has focused attention onto the behaviour of web information that might not be as independent as they would let you believe. So, before you use a price comparison engine – make sure that you do a little research. In particular:
1. Who owns the site? If it is owned by a fuel supplier – how impartial is it?
2. What happens to your data – does it get shared?

The BBC link is: