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Heating Oil Theft – Warnings and Advice

This is becoming a well-worn theme here at Find A Fuel Supplier but it’s an important one – heating oil theft is real, it’s happening, and people need to be alert and alive to it. In the last two days, both Dyfed-Powys Police and Essex Police issued warnings about heating oil thefts.

Inspector Alan Millichip of Dyfed-Powys Police said: “Given the current high price of fuel it’s highly likely that fuel thefts will increase and we’re continuing to see a spike in this type of crime in the county.

“While, we utilise all resources to catch offenders, it’s vital individuals, businesses and communities do all they can to protect themselves from falling victim.”

So, here are some tips as to how to lessen the threat from fuel thieves:

1. Camouflage or disguise fuel tanks, if possible, so that they are not visible from roads or highways. You can use trellising, or hedging, or large potted plants. Something is better than nothing. In turn, if your tank is sited in a really obvious place – seriously consider re-siting the tank into a less obtrusive position. It’s not necessarily an expensive action.

2. Install security lighting or gravel around the tanks so that you are alerted to any movement around the tank.

3. Work with neighbours and other members of the community to keep an eye out for each other. Neighbourhood Watch Schemes are valuable here. If you go away on a trip, or holiday, specifically ask someone to actively watch out for your property.

4. Ensure that your tank is physically secured. There are specialist locks you can purchase and some insurance companies won’t pay out on an oil theft unless these high quality locks are used. Check with your insurance company what physical security they require.

In turn, there are also alarm systems that can be purchased – some of which can send warning texts/calls/emails if disturbed.

5. Observe and report suspicious vehicles. Especially large unmarked tankers. The old adage ‘better safe than sorry’ makes a lot of sense here. If you report a number plate, the police can look out for a vehicle – it only takes them a couple of minutes to ascertain whether the vehicle is legitimate. Most drivers won’t mind taking a couple of minutes out of their day to answer questions and help bring about a safer community.

6. Check the oil level of your tank regularly. If your oil is stolen, but you think the tank is full – you want to alert the police as soon as possible. In turn, you don’t want a cold house because the boiler won’t fire because the tank is empty.

Consumer Watchdog advises consumers to buy Heating Oil early.

The UK consumer group “Consumer Focus” has recently advised how leaving heating oil orders to the last minute during the winter risked longer delivery times and higher prices.

It was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying: “In the severe weather experienced in November and December 2010 many of the oil distribution companies saw significant increases in orders, resulting in delivery backlogs, particularly in remote and rural areas where roads were disrupted by snow and ice.”

William Baker, the head of fuel poverty at Consumer Focus, went on to add: “People living off the mains gas network often face considerable difficulty in keeping their homes warm. In recent years we have seen big spikes in the cost of heating oil during the winter months, which can have a major effect on household budgets.

“With this in mind, our message is buy oil as early as possible, and get a better deal by bulk buying with neighbours if possible. Consumers should also look to cut bills by making their home as energy-efficient as they can and ensure they are claiming all of the benefits and grants they may be entitled to.”

About Find A Fuel Supplier

Find A Fuel Supplier is an independently owned company recently created to deliver a unique and high value service to British consumers and British fuel suppliers.

Using leading web and phone app technologies, fuel suppliers are able to publish up-to-the-minute fuel prices into an electronic marketplace, through web and smartphone interfaces, which can be sorted by fuel type, amount, and location by fuel customers. This, in turn, enables customers to compare the cost of fuels (such as keroseneheating oil and peat briquettes) across suppliers. Once the costs have been displayed, a clear and easy contact process is subsequently provided that connects buyers and suppliers. In essence, Find A Fuel Supplier is a fully interactive marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together.

Aside from the electronic price comparison service, Find A Fuel Supplier also offers a telephone service. Buyers can telephone one of the company’s supply executives on Freephone 0800 832 1111 and begin the process of finding the best value fuel in the marketplace today. There is also an email alert service which provides regular updates into price movements and availability. Find A Fuel Supplier is centred on listing the best prices for domestic and commercial fuel, and connecting active customers with suppliers.


  1. Find A Fuel Supplier operates a price comparison service that enables fuel suppliers to upload their most up-to-date prices into a database.
  2. Users can then ask the database for prices from suppliers in their area. This can be broken down by fuel type, and the size of order.
  3. Results are displayed almost immediately, and prospective purchasers can ‘click through’ (or phone) the preferred supplier to place their order.

It is as simple as that.

So, have a go – and see what savings you can make right now!


Find a Fuel Supplier works with the leading suppliers of various types of fuel in the UK. Some of these suppliers don’t have websites, or advertise online, which means this website has access to the most comprehensive range of fuel suppliers that you are likely to find anywhere.

  • We are fully independent
  • We are a free service to use
  • Prices updated daily


Find a Fuel Supplier provides the UK’s leading price comparison engine for customers looking to purchase heating oil, kerosene, red diesel, paraffin and other fuels.

Registered fuel suppliers are able to login to member areas and post the latest fuel prices they wish to offer, at any time. In turn, there are opportunities for suppliers to place banner and sidebar adverts across the site to provide increased visibility for their services.

If you are a fuel supplier and want to place your company in front of thousands of targeted British consumers, then we have advertising opportunities that can help grow your business.

Get in touch with us today on 0800 832 1111 and talk to one of our friendly advisors who will run through your options.

Author: David Khan