Be Aware of Heating Oil Scams on the Internet

There have been several recent stories about people being tricked into paying for heating oil online, only to then not receive the orders they have placed. Although the websites where people purchased heating oil from seemed legitimate, they were in fact not a genuine website that was set up for trading purposes.

Heating oil prices tend to fluctuate for several reasons. As a commodity product, heating oil is subject to supply and demand in the market, which affects the price. In addition to this, as heating oil is sold in a competitive marketplace where there are many suppliers, prices will change due to competition.  For example, when there are many suppliers in the market, prices will fall as suppliers will compete with their rivals to generate demand. Furthermore, heating oil is considered to be a seasonal product as it will be mainly used in colder months during winter. Therefore, heating oil prices will increase in winter to take advantage of the higher level of demand as people will be buying this product to warm up their homes.

As a result, price conscious consumers will shop around to get the best heating oil prices on offer to save money on fuel and will do so by buying in bulk to benefit from bigger savings. The best time to do this is usually during summer when price is low as there isn’t much demand to use heating oil with the warmer weather. The internet has made it easier for people to compare prices of products across many businesses, as people can find out information quickly online at the click of a button. This is how a number of people have been duped into paying for heating oil from websites that have no intention of fulfilling orders. They believed that they were getting a good deal with the heating oil prices, so they placed an order to save money.

People will look for heating oil prices on the internet before purchasing the fuel over the internet from questionable websites. Generally, these companies will request payment via a bank transfer first or they will ask you to pay over the counter at a bank. As customers wait for the fuel to be delivered, they realise that they will not receive it because they are unable to get in touch with the suppliers to find out exactly when the heating oil will be distributed. These websites don’t give their contact numbers for people to call if they face a problem and they ignore emails that are sent to them. These customers have tried to contact a number of organisations to get the matter resolved, from the police to the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers to the Action Fraud department but with little result so far.

These heating oil scams are a growing problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible by the relevant authorities. Be careful when looking at heating oil prices online and make sure that the website is genuine by doing some research to see if there have been complaints made against that particular company in the past. Try to find out if they are a reputable and trustworthy business before buying heating oil. If you are concerned about an order you have made online for heating oil, then contact the National Fraud Authority to log your complaint and they will investigate the issue and help the police to take action.

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Author: David Khan

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